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Timanfaya National Parc

Timanfaya is Lanzarote´s most popular tourist attraction, its awesome raw beauty drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In many ways the Fire Mountains have come to define Lanzarote and it´s people, demonstrating an ingenious resilience that characterises so many aspects of island life and which has enabled them to literally snatch success from the ashes of disaster.

The main eruption that decimated this region was one of the longest periods of volcanic activity ever recorded, lasting some six years from 1730.

The resulting devastation, which at the time fuelled poverty and migration, has been pretty much preserved intact. In geological terms, where changes to the earth can be traced over millions of years, the eruptions happened yesterday. Lanzarote´s low rainfall has also created very little erosion, so visitors are able to enjoy this truly unique landscape in its pristine form.

A lunar landscape in Lanzarote.

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